Tuesday talks: 10:30 in the BCP Theater


Tuesday, March 12 - Medical cannabis - With cannabis recently legalized in Canada and rapidly being legalized throughout the USA people have lots of questions about its medical uses. Dr. Ted Harrison will talk about what cannabis is, what its effects on the body are, and what conditions it has been shown to be effective in. Dr. Harrison will be joined by Diane Heidke and Elizabeth Worley of Cloud Forest Botanicals. Moderator: Cheryl Schmidt

Tuesday, March 19 – Dr. Paul Myers addresses "Thinking Geologically Expands your Universe". Geologic thinking transforms your relationship with the physical world. It confronts you with the extremes of bigness and smallness, and infinite time. When and why is this experience important? How do geologists fit in the "modern" world? How is geology relevant here and now in Boquete, Panama? Come, join the discussion. We will expand on it in the field later.
Moderator: Sheila Strunk

Tuesday, March 26 – Mae Lewis Hospital

Tuesday, April 2 – “Experience Boquete by Bicycling”, Bicycles have been around since the early 1800*s. This beautiful 2-wheel vehicle is used daily around the entire world. Join us for a presentation to learn why our seniors (or any age) riding group enjoy bicycling in lovely Boquete. Speakers will describe local bicycling experiences, describe different types of bicycles and will explain how you can join and explore the beauty of Boquete and David by bicycle. Presented by David George, Muzz Laverty, Manuel Y Maritza de Samaniego, Javier Christensen, Jeanne Samaniego, and Genie Vidal
Moderator: Paul Myers

Tuesday, April 9 – Venomous Snakes of Panama presented by Jim Kavney

Tuesday, April 16 – Kevin “Sparky” – new phone app for Boquete


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