Tuesday talks: 10:30 in the BCP Theater

Tuesday, February 5 – Now that you are living in Panama, is Medicare Part A & B necessary?  Are you making emotional decisions about your coverage rather than rational ones?

Dra. Digna Diaz who heads up Boquete Medical  Associates and Doreen Sauve, a Senior Medicare Advisor retired from the US will be doing a Q&A session on Medicare Parts A & B, answering any questions that may apply to either Part A & B as well as any  supplements that expats are currently carrying. 
Dra. Diaz will be able to go into extensive detail of the Membership that Boquete Medical Associates offers to expats which in a sense works as a Medical Gap Plan fo rexpats living  here in Panama..  Doreen has 25 years’ experience with Medicare and will be able to hold a Q&A from individuals regarding their current situation with Medicare.  Our goal is to get your questions answered and to save you money you may not need to spend.

Tuesday, February 12 - Treating the most frequent Health Emergencies with medicinal plants in the case of blows and contusions, avoiding blood clots and dissolving them, treating shock and preventing strokes, quickly reducing high fevers, stopping diarrhea due to PARASITES such as amoebas, eliminating the parasites, quickly bringing down high blood pressure, bringing up low blood pressure and first aid for poisonous creatures attacks. Master Herbalist Frank Gruber has 30 years experience giving first aid to humans and animals with Central American herbs.. He is the author of GRUBERS JUNGLE OIL AND GRUBERS VIPER SNAKE ANTIDOTE. 

Tuesday, February 19 – Juan Contreras and Lourdes Miranda of Miranda y Contreras law firm will discuss recent changes in Panamanian property tax laws.

Tuesday, February 26 – Ibu Alvarado discusses the history of aviation in Panama.

Tuesday, March 5 – TBD

Tuesday, March 12 -   Medical cannabis - With cannabis recently legalized in Canada and rapidly being legalized throughout the USA people have lots of questions about its medical uses. Dr. Ted Harrison will talk about what cannabis is, what its effects on the body are, and what conditions it has been shown to be effective in. Dr Harrison will be joined by Diane Heideke and Elizabeth Worley of Cloud Forest Botanicals.

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