Tuesday, October 16Lic. Maritza Dean, regional director of the Ministry of Labor, will address the hiring of part- and full-time workers (maids, gardeners, handymen, etc.) and what the (expat) employer’s responsibilities are. Lisca Bruña will provide translation

Tuesday, October 23Living and working for twenty-five years as an “Expat” in Brazil (2), Holland (7), Singapore (5), Scotland (8)....and then commuting to teach in Beijing for the China National Oil Company...Jo Clem will be sharing what she has experienced, learned and taught about life in “ A Third Cultural Bubble.” This is more of a workshop than just a presentation so please plan to participate! We will review what three decades of research has proven to be the requisite knowledge, attitude and behaviors to manage this exciting journey called CHANGE....and whether it is a choice or a mandate, the “Four Stages” are the same. 
In preparation please be ready to answer these 3 questions:
Where have you lived ( NOT just traveled) outside your country of origin?
Why did you choose those changes?
What are three words to describe the VALUES in your country of origin?
Google “ Jo Clem “ to learn more about our guest workshop leader.
This is sure to be both an enlightening and delightful gathering sponsored by the BCP.

 Tuesday, October 30 - Dr. Jennifer Daniels— natural methods for treating emergency medical situations

Tuesday, November 20The RIGHT wine is the wine YOU enjoy

 Louise Orr spent 29 years in the California wine business. During that time she worked as a Marketing Coordinator for De Loach Vineyards of Sonoma County, and for Boisset America, a French wine firm, that acquired De Loach in 2003. In 2007 she retired to Boquete, and has been active with Buenos Vecinos de Boquete food charity, and the BCP Theater. Louise takes a practical, relaxed approach to the enjoyment of wine. She will offer some tips on buying, serving, and becoming confident about your wine choices. After all, the topic of her Tuesday Talk is “The RIGHT wine is the wine  YOU enjoy!”

Tuesday, November 27Filippo Maestrini from Grupo Aguas Chiriqui will address the current water quality in Boquete, different methods for water purification, and how to maintain your water purification system.


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