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This is the website for Boquete Communty Playhouse.

Home of the Tuesday Market, Tuesday Talks, Sunday Movies and Theater productions.

During the current state of emergency, quarantine and social distancing, clearly the activities of BCP have been put on hold. This will continue until the situation changes and restrictions are lifted.

BCP appreciates your continued support and we will communicate any changes to the schedule as soon as possible.  We look forward to getting back together once the danger has passed for all our valued members, vendors and associates! 

In addition to the above, and looking towards the future -

New and exciting changes are on the horizon for BCP!

Boquete Community Players Foundation was formed 15 years ago. In the years following, an enthusiastic group of volunteers, through hard work and generous donations, turned an empty shell of a dilapidated building into a thriving community center that now serves as the heart of the Boquete community.

The goal of the BCP is to serve its community, and over the past 15 years, it has consistently met that goal in many ways. It provides mail services and serves as an information center where charities, groups, and individuals can reach out to the community through the Tuesday talks. It established the Tuesday Market, where local businesses and individuals sell their wares, and charities share their services. It hosts community charity events and acts as Boquete’s Center for the Arts with its productions of popular plays, musicals, and art shows. There have been Christmas parties for local children and Christmas Singalongs for the entire community. In short, the BCP has become the heart of the Boquete community. It is now time to move on with a view to enhancing our role in the future.

The owner of our current building has agreed to lease the entire space to TapOut effective July 1.  This apparently came about because of a rumor that the owners of TapOut heard, which was untrue but they chose to act on it without first talking to BCP. In any case, a business decision was made by the building’s owner and TapOut, resulting in the lease being changed so that BCP was no longer the lessor.

BCP had discussions with TapOut about subletting from them, but the terms would have meant a substantial increase in costs for our market vendors and for each and every BCP production. Consequently BCP made our own business decision that we had to move on.

In order to continue to serve our community, the first priority was to find a suitable location for the market.

We do have an outline agreement to hold the market at a new location in downtown Boquete, and as soon as a few details are finalized we will be announcing that.

We are also looking at possible locations for other productions and again we wikll announce that as soon as we can.

We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to the founders of the BCP. It’s hard to imagine what Boquete would be like now if they had not had the foresight to establish this wonderful organization. We’d also like to thank the many volunteers who give tirelessly of their time and efforts. And we especially would like to thank our members for their generous support over the years.

July 1st brings change and a new beginning for the BCP. We’re excited by the opportunities this change brings and are dedicated to ensuring that the BCP continues to serve as the heart of the Boquete community.

The BCP Board of Directors