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Notes for Community Chat presenters

If you have a computer presentation this will be shown on the large screen TV. To connect with this your computer must have either an HDMI or VGA connector.
If your computer does not have these connectors, then please ensure that you have the adaptor from your computer to HDMI or VGA.
Set the power on your computer so that it stays on throughout the presentation, i.e. timing for sleep mode or its equivalent should be set to "Never"
Do not make your presentation such that it relies on a WiFi signal, the connection may not be good enough to allow your presentation to run smoothly.

You will be fitted with a headset wireless mic before the chat starts. The transmitter should be either in your pocket or attached to a belt or something similar.
If you have audio in your presentation, that will be heard via the HDMI cable.

We normally advise that Q&A is left until the end, but that depends on the persenter.
Members of the audience are asked to wait until they have a microphone handed to them before asking the question. This enables the whole audience to hear the question.

If you have printed material to hand out, this can either be given out at the beginning, or put on one side for the audience to pick up on the way out.
We suggest that you include your contact information on a slide at the end, or have it on cards or handouts.
If you want to make your presentation available to the audience or the general public we can arrange that, either by sending it directly to the registered audience, or by posting it on Chiriqui Life for public access.
We can arrange to video your presentation if you would like.



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